A Beautiful Life In A Beautiful Fur Gilet

Life isn’t all about just wearing super lovely clothes and being really cool and have everyone look at you and think that they want to be you and that they’d love to know you and love you and want to be inside you.

I don’t want to be just admired and idolised in the way that some celebrity might be, just admired for looks and style and all these surface things.

I don’t just want to be admired for these things. I want to be admired for other things as well.

powerovertheentireworldI see fur gilets for sale and I buy them. I see super cars for sale and I buy them. I see anything for sale and I buy it because otherwise what am I? I’m just another pauper with nothing compared to someone who has everything, I’m just another small guy next to the giants but no, I say NO!

I say I will be a giant, I insist, and I insist without any apologies, insist without for a moment doubting whether that is acceptable or polite or comfortable. I do it because I demand that which is beyond that action. I demand the ultimate prizes, the tall chairs and the height tables. The money and the power and the prestige and the reality that all these things represent.

Power over the Entire World. There is nothing else.…

Launch Party Ft. Vodka Luge, Bouncy Castle, Free Wine

Open mic is here and that only means one thing: Party!

We want to welcome in our new venture by really blowing all the money we saved on one big potentially self indulgent massive crazy party, and this is your opportunity to be there!

Some really important and super awesome people are going to be at this very, very special occasion. I’m talking Barry Chuckle famous. This is the kind of event which you will be telling your grandchildren about. This is the kind of event your grandchildren will tell their friends about. This is the kind of event which your grandchildren’s friends will tell their grandchildren about!

Yeah, that’s right, in about 100 years or something some old people will be saying ‘well little bobby, once a friend of mines grandfather went to a launch party for open-mic.me.uk, can you believe that? See, your old gramps ain’t so uncool now is he?!”

“Now turn the sexy hologram back on and fetch me some Google water”

This party really is going to be the event of the year, a lavish occasions that all will want to attend.

We have, for instance, a Vodka luge on order! That’s right, that’s a slide made of ice on to which room temperature vodka is poured, into the waiting mouth of one of your happy desks.

Guests just have to come up, get on their knees and open their mouths, and then receive the lovely liquid into them, swallow, and the fun continues!

I mean, that’s just really something.

We’re also going to get a bouncy castle because you know, we’re like totally 5 years old haha!

It’s going to be so much fun, it’s going to be really truly hilarious, that’s pretty cool if you ask me!

Welcome To Your Future’s Future

The future is constantly changing, your future is constantly changing.

You change it every day when you change yourself.

Change yourself = change your future.

The person you were five years ago was a different person with a different future than the person you are today, with the future you have today. But the seeds of you were in that person and the seeds of your future and in you.

But those seeds will grow out of the present and into the future not according purely to a logical that is contained within them and only with in them.

They will be shaped and created by all these things that surround you and that make you , that fill you and create you, these little elements and massive forces, these life changing, life making, life forming powers. They will shape your future, your choices today will shape your future. Your future tomorrow is different to your future today. The question is not ‘what is my future?’ it’s ‘what is my future’s future?’

Make a decision to day that will change the future of your future.

Come join us on open mic. Come share with us. Come live with us.